Rise above (2013)


In cities all over Europe there are big empty buildings; abandoned remnants of times of industrial production.

Efforts already exist to transform these building into something usefull again.The NDSM building in Amsterdam for example once was a place where ships were built. After bankruptcy in the eighties it stood there for years empty and abandoned.Till squatters and artists started to inhabit the building and eventually convinced the city to let them transform the place. Now containers placed inside the building provide affordable office spaces to many starting businesses.

This proposal builds on these efforts, but going up one level where FAKRO products can give similar spaces views and natural light, turning them into spacious lofts. It is placed inside the NDSM building in Amsterdam, but roofs of abandoned industrial buildings everywhere could soon be pierced with these lofts that rise above their situations. ..

Made for the “International Design Competition NEW VISION OF THE LOFT 2” organized by FAKRO in cooperation with the international architectural magazine A10 New European Architecture.