Happy together (2010)

Introducing playfulness and creativity in a public space is easy, when it concerns skateboarders; a special object isn´t even really necessary. But how do “normal people” play? What activates the playful instinct of people that are usually just passers-by?

Not swings, caroussels, or slides; those are for kids, and don´t even really encourage creative playfulness.

Maybe music?

Music brings about enthusiasm in just about anybody; that could also be creative enthusiasm: if you would put a drumkit somewhere on the street, most people will probably want to hit it for a while.

In skateboard culture music has always been an important part, and during skating it makes for an extra intense experience. Only now this usually remains just an individual experience with little white earphones.

“Happy together” is an object that´s skateable for skaters and playable for whoever wants to.

While someone can skate on one side, on the other side someone else can hit hand-sized buttons and play beats, samples, and melodies. Maybe the skater could even inspire this DJ to play a fitting soundtrack to his actions, or the DJ could reward a succesful action with beats and a cheering sample.

Anyway, enough possiblities for creative action, and interaction. ..

The object is basically a block of concrete of 1,2 m x 4 m., with a height of 1 m., with some volumes cut out.

The edges can be finished with steel.

The buttons are made of coloured polycarbonate.

“Happy together” can be put anywhere where there is space for music and fun.

Made for the “Reclaiming the street” competition (showroommama.nl)